I hate politics!

I hate politics. It really has never been a subject to capture my interest. Whenever I hear people discuss it, I sometimes listen, but most of the time, I get very bored, unable to suppress my yawning or my wandering mind.

My opinion about politics (and here I refer to both governmental and corporate politics) is simply this: It is a dirty, dirty game. The truth of the matter is, it rules our life, one way or another. For example, governments approve laws and makes decisions that affect each one of us, such as taxes, social security, health care, etc… Corporations decide on strategy, cost-cutting, budgets, salaries, benefits, and how socially responsible they plan or do not plan to be. This is also why I don’t believe that absolute freedom exists, but that’s another topic to be possibly discussed at another blog entry.

I hate politics for many reasons, some of which include the fact that there is bound to be lying, deceit, corruption and games. All those things disgust me, but what really kills me is the hunger for power for the sake of power. That, and people who are not genuine because they are power hungry social climbers who go for the title and whatever powers come with it.

I hate politics because it is inconsistent in many ways. Firstly, the people involved in politics are themselves quite often inconsistent, changing their point of view or what they claim to support, swaying it depending on what is in their best interest; and by their best interest, I mean what keeps them in office and serves their own needs rather than what is best for the people. Secondly, the people who are in office change often, and my problem with that is, due to the hunger for power, coupled with the sense of being the “know-it-all” on all subjects, and sprinkled with the need to leave one’s own mark, the wheel is constantly reinvented (or so it seems) each time someone new joins, making it impossible to achieve the success that would be achieved with consistency and focus.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issues with making adjustments or changes along the way, as it is only natural in a fast-changing playing field that is continuously affected by both external and internal factors. But, there are certain steps or decisions that a country or corporation has taken in the past which need to be followed up on and completed regardless of who Mr. CEO, President, Prime Minister, Mayor, etc… is. Change is good, but too much continuous change is bad. I would suggest that maybe 25-30% of things can be revamped if need be, but the rest should remain pretty stable and consistent with the exception of a crisis situation, which in and of itself should be contained, controlled and managed within the shortest amount of time possible.

I hate politics because, although it seems like it is a team effort (and it should be) which is put together with a higher purpose (the benefit of the country, company and the people), it really is not. Sadly, we find that most are driving or pushing for their own agendas, which of course, is focused on their own benefit, regardless if it is masked by another explanation or goal.

I also hate politics because if you want a say in those decisions that affect your life, you have to participate in them. I have never yet done so, but I am starting to see it as a reality that we cannot escape, and I think I will try to learn more about how things work and how I can make my voice heard about subjects I feel strongly about, specifically in the governmental side of politics. The Jordanian elections are coming up soon, and to be honest I have shielded myself from looking much into the changes or candidates, and I now realize I should be more active in at least educating myself and being aware of what is happening. As I will not be in Jordan for a couple of months, my promise to myself is to work on that aspect once I return. I am sure some of my very closest friends who are passionate about politics and are now reading this post jumping up and down with excitement. I cannot wait to see you once I am back, for Jordan Politics 101 sessions.

Lastly, I just want to say that I feel that if you go for what is best for the people (which can be perceived as different from what the people believe is best for them), in the most genuine, honest and true way, everything else will follow. I believe this true not just in politics, but in any relationship you have. Go for the people.


10 comments on “I hate politics!

  1. Hi Dina,

    I just came across this timeline, http://www.7iber.com/wp-content/uploads/%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AD%D9%83%D9%88%D9%85%D8%A7%D8%AA.jpeg

    This is not politics, there are many other words to describe this 🙂 not the one that encourages a citizen to actively take part in the process. In its simplest Google definition: Politics is the set of activities associated with the “governance” of a country; not far from comparing it to corporate governance practices…

    Unfortunately, how can you take a stand “with or against” an idea or the person representing it , if there is none to begin with. Let’s take the government’s economical decisions as an evident example; they don’t rely on one clear economic theory or ideology, decisions are made in an informative, random, reactive and instantaneous manner which as you indicated is inflicted to serve the purpose of the few 90% of the time…

    You are absolutely right to hate politics in its current form, true politics does not alienate thinkers and women/men of knowledge in their societies, we suffer from the bystanders effect in Jordan, we need organised political reform that reaches out to people and calls for clear ideals… not until then we can safely assume that the “vote” means taking a “stand” voting for a clear course of action and set of ideas as apposed to randomly tossing a dice in the air…

  2. Very interesting article. While I disagree with certain technical points, I agree with the general sentiment expressed in this post.

    It is substantially telling that the contemporary politics indeed do affect your personal life in direct way without your own consent, and that to fend yourself from the government you have to participate in the political process.

    But democracy is fundamentally flawed for the reason that for you opinion to matter, you don’t only have to participate, you also need to gain popular support.

    I might suggest that you read more about the anarcho-capitalism political philosophy, which fundamentally solves such problems, by making politics completely voluntary. It is a big and vast socio-enonomic-political system that is not easy to grasp.

    For example.in anarcho-capitalism no government exists (all anarchist philosophies have no formal government). And you would not be asked to pay for taxes for example. In such a system, you don’t have to go through the political system to vote to higher/lower taxes, because it is recognized that no person should be forced to participate in a system they did not agree to participate in.

    Don’t want to go on more, but cool blog, keep on. 🙂

  3. “People who are not genuine because they are power hungry social climbers who go for the title and whatever powers come with it, really bothers me”.

    I like the above sentence and would add that such kind of people becomes very meticulous for being materialistic in everything in their life and not even for the title and power.

    Best Wishes 🙂

  4. Dear Dina,
    kindly ,We know you perfectly at my work with you before , we learn many things from your behavior to help many poor , handicap ,….etc.
    as you said
    Lastly, I just want to say that I feel that if you go for what is best for the people (which can be perceived as different from what the people believe is best for them), in the most genuine, honest and true way, everything else will follow. I believe this true not just in politics, but in any relationship you have. Go for the people.

  5. What shall we expect after I hate politics and I am selfish. Hope it will have positive words. Think positive Dina as life depends on how you look at.

  6. I could wrong but I think that you are still harboring some ill feelings and bitter taste in your mouth as a result of the unfortunate events that took place at the Arab Bank. You need to let go and try to forget. Life goes on. We were all sad to see things deteriorate to the level it did but that is life and anything in this life is possible.

  7. I disagree with you maxrobinson.

    If you know Dina, you will never say that.

    She is one of the strongest people, and what happened at the bank is a loss to the nation, not to Shoman family.

    Shoman is a brand of honesty, principles, truth and that will never change. They will always be winners, and if there are losers, it is we, the people, who lost a great family who was always there to serve the nation and the country.

    They will stand again, and continue thier great legacy. It is a matter of time. No doubt about that.

  8. I agree with The Sharks. We are the losers, not Shoman family whose name will always be associated with good principles in life.
    They have been always there for people in need, and for the country. Everyone should remember what their grandfather did.
    Yes. Life is a continuous struggle between the bad and the good. Sometimes, the bad wins, but the good will ultimately win. And that what Shoman family stands for.

  9. No one suggested anything that would in any way, shape or form blemish the honorable Shoman family. I was merely referring to Dina personally having some resentments towards the whole mayhem that took place at the Arab Bank

  10. I have a slightly different opinion about “Politics”, probably a broader view. Politics should not only be associated with dirty and boring country-related things. I think politics is the art of achieving your goal with the least cost and maximum gain. This of course entails smart and proper governing of the available resources and smart utilization of all acquired skills. So for instance if a kid wants to get his parent’s permission to do a certain thing, he/she should be able to use the proper discourse in order to negotiate in a smart way to achieve what he/she wants ;). Another example would be a wife trying to convince her husband to buy a new car or to do a certain thing! That’s why I think Politics and political techniques should actually be incorporated in school curriculum to train youngsters and adults on the art of negotiation and to teach them how to fight (peacefully) for their rights!!

    Of course country-related politics is the ultimate implementation and the most complex of all, because you have to try your best to satisfy the maximum number of people.

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