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My name is Dina Abdel Hamid Shoman, and my purpose in life is to make a difference.

In summary, my background is in banking and branding, with a passion and deep involvement in CSR, Sustainability, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurship. I am currently self-employed as an Advisor & Consultant, going with the flow of life after my family and I left not only our careers, but a legacy of 82 years (but that’s another story).

I love life and I love living it, (and as a dear friend says, “I love to live and live to love). I appreciate life’s ups and downs, as it makes it that much more interesting. I seek adventure through traveling and through pushing myself beyond my comfort zone as much as I can. I have many views and philosophies on different issues on life, which change with time, depending on my experience, what I learn from life, and what is logical to me.

For more on my professional background and qualifications, please visit my linked in page: http://jo.linkedin.com/in/dinashoman

Or email me: dinashoman@gmail.com

For more on what to expect from this blog, please read my first entry.


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